Friday, March 13, 2009

Totally off Topic

There are 2 major grocery stores here. Now, I am a frugal woman so, I frequent Wally World and Aldi, but I also love to cook, so sometimes you have to go to the mainline stores to get your gourmet cheeses or special cuts of meat. Now, I have been LOYAL to one store in particular for YEARS, but this week I discovered the new Dillons! After dropping my kids off at school, I went by myself to the store and just cruised the aisles. But, I had this lingering sense of guilt. I felt like I was having a grocery store affair, I was cheating on my regular store. But you should see this store! They had a fresh sushi section, an olive and hummus bar with easily 15 different types of olives!!!! There was an entire section of gourmet cheeses with more stinky cheese than I could possibly eat! A bakery section with bread after bread to just die for! A bulk foods area with flax seed and dried figs and dried papayas and chocolate covered almonds! I was trembling with desire, weak in the knees and panting to catch my breath! I walked through the store in a daze. It was foodie heaven. In the midst of it all my phone rang, it was Larry, I was caught in the midst of my tryst! So of course I came back down to reality and bought the basic grocery's I came for and paid for them out of my Dave Ramsey envelope without going over budget.

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