Tuesday, March 10, 2009

They're out There

As we have been dreaming (and even scheming) about how to do more than wish for accomplishing our goal, we realize there are all kinds of people out there with "crazy" dreams, and a crazy determination to make their dreams come true.

Here is one guy who seems to get at the heart of what we are talking about: "No Credit Needed". He has clearly drunk the Dave Ramsey Kool-Aid, as we have, in his search for financial freedom!

The more we read through his posts about dreaming BIG, and then developing a "roadmap" to get there, we couldn't help but see the parallels between his figurative comments about finances and making dreams happen, and our literal plan to hit the road and live our dreams.

It is amazing how one person's focus and intensity to achieve a goal can inspire another person working to fulfill her own goal. Hopefully, we can be an inspiration to each other.

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