Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Just keep blogging, Just keep blogging

Ok, as a kid, I think I started a diary about a hundred times and then just gave up writing. Since this is basically what I am doing, I told myself I would write something every day, no matter how little. I had work all day, choir practice with Becca, church and Larry is gone, so my elaborate blogging plan has gone by the wayside tonight. I decided to do my list of what I might like to blog about in the future:

1. How much I love to cook and my apprehension about cooking in a small RV space.
2. My not being "called" to homeschool my kids, yet I am now planning on doing that for a year!
3. Our "more than a wish" bracelet idea.
4. Instilling being an "American" and what that really means into our kids as we travel across the nation.
5. That's all I got right now, but its a start!

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